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Businesses of every size are going online from brick & mortar stores with Shopify since it offers a host of advantages to merchants. Hire our Shopify experts to experience the true potential of this sought-after e-commerce platform
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Shopify is here to stay!

With the advent of technological concepts, several retailers and businesses have integrated multiple marketing avenues to sell their products and services. When it comes to platforms that can list thousands of products with ease, Shopify is one of the names. However, a selling e-commerce platform must be equipped with the right tools and plugins. In addition, one should have a team of experienced developers developing the Shopify application or website for your business.

Shopify e-commerce Solutions: Be it Shopify configuration, installation, or integration - our customized services can assist your business meet its e-commerce objectives the way you want it.

eStore Customization: Do you wish to update your existing eStore with updated and new features and functionalities? Even if you want to build a new one, we have tailor-made services concerning your target audience and business vertical.

Integration Services: Be it adding custom functionalities, payment gateways, third-party apps, or APIs - our integration services can confide all.

Theme Development: With a collective team of creative UI/UX professionals and efficient Shopify experienced developers, we‘ve managed to curate user-friendly, responsive, and interactive Shopify themes.

Migration: Are you looking for secured migration solutions for your shopping portals to the Shopify platform? Get everything done by partnering with our trustworthy Shopify Development team.

Digital Assets Production: Be it a minor bug or optimizing an entire e-commerce store’s performance, our expert developers offer you excellent technical assistance.


Engaging, Manageable, and SEO innovative e-commerce Stores

The digital age has provided us with an e-commerce platform that can explore the potential of online shopping and extract the most out of it. Offering a wide range of solutions to online retailers – our US-based e-commerce setup has elevated several businesses’ online shopping experience. Moreover, several factors explore the usability of Shopify as a platform.

Standardize Documentation

Shopify’s documentation is exceptional; whether you are searching for a step-by-step manual to set up your e-commerce store or have a specific technical query, you must find precisely what you’re searching for. It is essential to know that it’s also set out in a straightforward, precise configuration.

Excellent Theme Stores & App

It is often challenging for developers to have their themes credited by Shopify, which implies that you will receive a professional theme with suitable documentation and a reliable support service once you have made the purchase. Similarly, Shopify’s store has been quite a success since its inception. Most applications that we select for your business are available for meager monthly expenses and assist you in ensuring that your store has unique functionality to maximize your sales figure.

Responsive Checkout

Shopify’s Responsive Checkout is accessible and free to all our clients, and it’s seamlessly one of the convenient checkouts. And we make the most of it. Security is essential when you’re handling clients’ bank details, which is equivalent to the functionality and design of your checkout page. Shopify has traveled to great lengths to ensure that their clients have the complete checkout experience with them. It’s minimalistic, clean, professional, and reliable – exactly what we require to make sure that all our customers complete their pending and ongoing transactions.

The standard checkouts follow the same layout/functionality, allowing basic branding of the checkout page. We do take that under consideration while developing your Shopify e-commerce stores.

Highly Secure

One of the most significant boundaries that e-commerce stores face is credibility regarding security. Even though customers care less about internet security as compared to what was decades ago, we still feel more comfortable about making payments to well-known, bigger stores than to businesses we’ve never heard about. Operating your e-commerce store through Shopify helps maintain that credibility. And, when you work with Smartsites’ developers, you will have the option of seamless payment gateways. Crucially, Shopify is Level 1 PCI and SSL compliant. This implies that your client's data is secure with your store.


Our Proficiency in Shopify Development Solutions

Speaking about proficiency, we have a solely dedicated Shopify web designing team with an impressive portfolio of attractive stores worldwide. Being a seasoned Shopify partner, we also have the right combination of professionals with Shopify development, design, and marketing skills.
Embedded Shopify App

We have notable experience working with React, Node.js, GraphQL, Apollo, NextJs, and Polaris to develop functional Shopify applications with complex features.

Shopify Testing and Development

Our team of developers has years of experience working with Postman, Hurl It, NGROK, Request Bin, and various other tools for in-depth testing of the Shopify website/application.

Front-End Development

For an excellent shopping experience, we provide our clients with an aesthetic front-end using—Liquid, Shopify UI Kit, and Helio (Verify).

Version Control Tools

Yet again, we deliver ample experience with CVS, Git, and SVN for Shopify e-commerce store versioning for third-party app integrations, theme upgrades, and bug fixing.


What Methodology Do We Follow

Being one of the leading Shopify development names, we follow an agile development method to alleviate time-to-market.

Requirements Assessment: Our experts meticulously assess your desired objectives, project scope, and expectations to devise a working strategic roadmap

Agreement on Service Models: We also tend to provide flexible engagement models based on your project demand and reasonable Shopify resources.

Design and Development: The design and development process begins to deliver a sales-driven store, meeting your brand goals.

Testing and QA: Extensive documentation, rigorous testing, and client feedback are incorporated into the process, enabling us to deliver bespoke Shopify e-commerce stores.

Post Deployment Support: Post-deployment, our team of experts will keep a constant check on your store’s performance to make certain a smooth operation is brought into the picture.

Launch successful Shopify stores with Smartsites

As a trusted Shopify development agency, we only believe in building a scalable, robust, sales-driven, and primarily secure Shopify e-commerce store.

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